Free Horror Books, Reading Deals

One of my favorite places to obtain free horror novels is Reading Deals. reading deals logoRD is a service that emails you once a day with info on free and discounted books for Kindle, Nook, etc. Upon receipt of the email you can scan the book’s cover, description and price. Then you can decide which books you want and fill up your e-reader for little cost. It’s a great service for any bibliophile. (Not every book is a horror novel, but enough are to make it worth your while.)

Now, RD is offering its subscribers the chance to join their Review Club and enjoy even more free books.

RD subscribers who join the club can select a book from their list and receive the book directly on their Kindle or FREE Kindle Reading App. Upon completion of the book, the RD Reviewer leaves an Amazon review and repeats the process.

So in other words, readers meet new writers and writers get a few more reviews. Sounds like a win-win to me. Check out Reading Deals by clicking here.