No Hyperlinks in New Short Announcement

You know a blogger is really out of practice when he promotes a new story in a post and forgets to hyperlink to it. So…the latest short horror story, The Rider, is available here.

A super quick teaser:  

“…It must’ve been that hard jump that jostled the memories out of the vault. They tumbled into the light, a swirl of forgotten moments, pictures pasted onto shards of glass. A svelte woman stood in the center. Her hair had greyed, but she kept it long and wore it like a rare kind of silver. My grandmother. Nanna Anne. She had an old house near Becker Lake and a monster lived inside its walls. I saw it the summer I turned thirteen, way back in 1979.”

The rest will cost you only a little reading time.

Thanks for being here,

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New Short Horror Story – The Rider

Hello again,

It’s been so long since I’ve been active online that hello again hardly seems adequate.  My absence has been the result of various circumstances.

A lot of things happened. Some of them were glorious. Some of them were more than terrible and knocked me to the floor like a punch thrown from a dark bar.

I won’t get into details. Some pains are best kept to ourselves, no matter how much they pester. Besides, you’ll know them all in the stories that are coming your way.

On that note, please know that I was never on break from writing; and I mean never. In fact, I’ve studied and practiced enough that I’m certain I’ll give you better than I did with Zoie and even the heartfelt novella about love and loss I put out some time ago.

The real judge, though, is you – the reader. So if you have time to read a story, I have a new one for you. The Rider is available here. It’s a hair under 6,000 words, so turn the lights down low and settle in.

(Those that read Dark House might find it interesting that The Rider takes place in the same Becker Lake neighborhood.)

Some new projects are heading to publication. Two novels, Death Rings a Bell and The GYM, are neck and neck for publication. A novella about an executioner titled The Ropes is hot on their heels though and could overtake them at any time. We’ll see what the powers that fuel the muse have to say about it.

That’s all for now. Thank you for you being here. Scare you soon…


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