New Short Horror Story

A new short horror story is in the COMING SOON phase. Here’s a short sample from Every Every_Other_Weekend_short_horror_storyOther Weekend.

“You said the issue was with your little boy, correct?” It was always best to get started quickly. One never knew how long it would take. Besides, sometimes the spirits hid in clever places; a spider’s web, the folds of a curtain, the square of shadow behind a hanging picture. The small talk gave her time to seek them out.

This new short weighs in at 3,000 words. It’s part of a larger collection of stories currently in progress.

Every Other Weekend goes to subscribers first, as always. These small but heartfelt bonuses are the least I can do for a group that I’m eternally thankful for.

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Thorns In Dark Places earned a new review:


I’m honored. RELAXED, the Amazon reviewer, is right that TIDP contains a very different kind of monster. I’ve always found the creatures who hide in broad daylight to be the most compelling. After all, they’re the ones you never see coming.

And to RELAXED, Thank You For Your Reading Time. LL

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