Free (and Almost Free) Horror Stories for your Kindle

I just nabbed two free horror story deals on Amazon. You should, too. Your Kindle is happiest when its packed with darkness, is it not? Here they are:

The Screaming [Kindle Edition] David Graham – FREE

the screaming david grahamKansas City Police Department’s Dale Franklin thought he’d seen it all. Then he got a call. Two murders. One suicide. Three child witnesses. The perpetrator–one Brandon Marshal. Junior in high school. Straight A’s. Star baseball player. Well liked. The only evidence left behind–a video and a haunting scream. Before any headway can be made on the case, it happens again. This time across the ocean.

A deadly viral trend is infecting teens across the globe, causing them to slaughter their loved ones and end themselves. In the face of indescribable blood lust and violence, an international team of America’s finest and Britain’s clandestine services must race to find the cause and stop the slaughter for good before it is too late.

The Best Horror of the Year Volume 2 [Kindle Edition] Ellen Datlow (Editor) – $1.99

best horror of the year vol IICelebrities take refuge in a white-walled mansion as plague and fever sweep into Cannes; a killer finds that the living dead have no appetite for him; a television presenter stumbles upon the chilling connection between a forgotten animal act and the Whitechapel Murders; a nude man unexpectedly appears in the backgrounds of film after film; mysterious lights menace the crew of a small plane; a little girl awakens to discover her nightlight–and more–missing; two sisters hunt vampire dogs in the wild hills of Fiji; lovers get more than they bargained for in a decadent discotheque; a college professor holds a classroom mesmerized as he vivisects Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”…

What frightens us, what unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw is tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the seventeen stories included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year.

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Ten Fun Things to do on Friday the 13th

You can stay indoors and hide from bad luck or show the world that you have NO Triskaidekaphobia. Furthermore, you’re not afraid to snub superstition in its face.

Dangerous Advice

Prove you’re a badass by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Break a mirror – I dare you. Better yet, break all the mirrors in your house.
  2. Adopt a black cat – Cats come with good and bad personalities, but all black cats are awesome. I’ve never met one I didn’t like.
  3. Spill salt everywhere – Then laugh about it manically. Do it with friends. When the try to make up for your blatant disregard of protocol and toss a little over your shoulder, grab their arm and stop them. Restrain them any way you need to.
  4. Step on Cracks – Don’t just toe them, commit to your daring by stomping on them with both feet.
  5. Buy a Ouija Board – If Ouija boards are bad news, imagine the excitement you’ll have by playing with one on the bad luck day of all days.
  6. Hang horseshoes upside down – The good luck will dribble out of them leaving plenty of room for the bad.
  7. Go camping at Camp Crystal Lake – Sorry, can’t write a blog like this without a reference to the Friday the 13th horror film series.
  8. Take a flight – Hopefully one with the number 13 in it. Extra points if you sit in the 13th row, too.
  9. Can’t fly? Hope in your car and take a long drive through an unfamiliar city. Try to find narrow streets, old bridge and reckless drivers.
  10. Start a new relationships, preferably with someone just as bold as you. Seriously, what could go wrong if you meet the guy or girl of your dreams on Friday the 13th?

This info is provided for entertainment only. I am not responsible for injury, physical mental or otherwise, demonic possession, dark hauntings, unexplained phenomena, voices or anything else that may happen to you. Reader assumes all liability, including risks of eternal damnation – if any.

Free Horror for Your Kindle

Today’s a good day to get to know Kathryn Meyer Griffith. Her short story collection, “Four Spooky Short Stories” is FREE. Four Spooky Short Stories by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Click the cover to get your copy.

I have to admit, I love a story that starts out like this:

Oh, I’d already figured out I was dead. There was no other sensible conclusion to arrive at. When I awoke – if awaking was the right term because suddenly after a time of blackness there I was – I was sitting on top of a fresh grave in this quaint but uncared for cemetery I recognized as the one down the road from our house. There was no headstone on it yet so I couldn’t read the name of the current inhabitant. Perhaps it wasn’t my grave, wasn’t my headstone to come. Or that’s what I hoped.

You can almost smell the graveyard’s dirt. We certainly feel the poor character’s dismay. I’m really looking forward to reading this. Maybe we can talk Kathryn Meyer Griffith into spending some time with us for a behind-the-curtain view, eh? We’ll see…

Click here to get your free copy of, “Spooky Short Stories.”

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