Haunted High School

Many thanks to Julie’s Spook Blog for calling this intriguing story of a haunted high school to my attention.

haunted high school el paso

It appear that nobody knows exactly what roams the halls of this old public school, only that paranormal occurrences happen in loads. We’re talking sightings of a suicidal school girl, mists in the hallways, the unexplainable sound of cheering teenagers in the gym when it’s empty and plenty of other fun stuff. Needless to say, I want to go there. Most interesting is this picture which is further explained here.

el paso high school ghost girl in photo

Don’t worry. I’m sure she’s lovely… Sleep well. LL


50 Shades of Income, the Lie of Easy Money

Fellow Writers and Readers – This showed up in my in-box this morning (click the pic for a larger view):

50 Shades of Income


This is wrong on so many levels. One, it deliberately tricks people into believeing that writing a book is easy. The notion is that all you need is a vague storyline and the rest can be purchased at Fiverr. Let me tell you in no uncertain terms:


Ask any writer and they’ll agree, I’m sure. Writing a book is like having a relationship with multiple people that exist only in your head. The undertaking will gnaw at your soul, wreck your social life and beat you down like no other creative endeavor.

What’s most foul about this is that some poor, deluded soul will no doubt buy the crap, use it and put the end result for sale on Amazon. This pisses me off even more. The end result will undoubtedly be horrific reviews and more readers who vow to NEVER read another independent-writer again.

So to Mr. Brooks (as in the email address) or Robert (as in the signature) as well as Kim and Ben, I say please go scam somewhere else. Leave writers and especially readers alone. If you don’t, I’ll have no choice but to write something about an internet marketer who ends up locked in the trunk of a car as it’s pushed into a bottomless lake.

You’ve been warned, Brooks, Ben, Robert and Kim – take this seriously.


My book Thorns In Dark Places – NOT written via Fiverr.