A Possession in Indiana

Latoya Ammons House
Latoya Ammons House in Gary, IN

Someday A Possession in Indiana, Based on Actual Events will be in movie theaters everywhere. This true case of demonic possession has all the elements of a great story, including page after page of official reports, startled witnesses and church involvement.

Here’s the scary story…

The Setting:

A quaint, rental house on Carolina Street in Gary, Indiana.

The Cast:

Latoya Ammons – Devoted mother of three

Ammons Kid One (unidentified) – 12 year old girl

Ammons Kid Two (unidentified) – 9 year old boy

Ammons Kid Three (unidentified) – 7 year old boy

Rosa Campbell – Latoya’s Mother, protected from evil spirits by birthright

Victoria Washington – a social worker

Boy – An unknown supernatural entity

Police Captain Charles Austin – a 30 year veteran of law enforcement

Clairvoyant One and Two

Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwo – a kind doctor

Father Michael Maginot – The Exorcist

The Actual Events:

In the cold of winter, black flies suddenly swarm the house in Gary, IN. The Ammons family kills them, but the horde returns again and again.

At night, Campbell and Ammons hear footsteps climbing the basement steps and the basement door creaking open.

Campbell sees a shadowy figure pacing the living room. She finds large, bet boot prints on the floor.

Ammons Kid One is seen levitating above her bed while unconscious. Guest who witness the event refuse to return to the house.

Latoya Ammons reaches out to local churches. None of them offer any help or guidance. Latoya Ammons then reaches out to the Clairvoyants. The Clairvoyants determine that the house is infested with 200 demons. Wisely, they advise Ammons to move. Ammons is strapped for cash and decides to conduct her own extermination ritual instead. After the ritual, the home is quiet for three days. Then shit hits the fan.

Ammons and all three children show signs of demonic possession (could be a First Plot Point) such as bulging eyes, evils smiles and speaking in unnaturally deep voices.

Ammons Kid Three sits in a closet speaking to a boy that only he can see. Boy describes what it’s like to be killed.

Ammons Kid Three is thrown out of the bathroom.

Ammons Kid One is hit with a headboard. The wound requires stitches.

Latoya reaches out to a family physician, Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwo. In the exam room, Ammons Kids One and Two curse at Onyeukwo in demonic voices. Medical professionals witness the incident and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, see Ammons Kid Three thrown into a wall by an invisible force. Both boys pass out and are rushed to a local hospital via ambulance.

At the hospital, Ammons Kid Two wakes up and is fine. Ammons Kid Three (the youngest boy) screams and thrashes. It takes five hospital workers to hold him down.

Meanwhile, the Department Child Services receives an anonymous tip about Latoya. Victoria Washington is sent to investigate the complaint. She interviews the Ammons Boys at the hospital. During the interview, Ammons Kid Three wraps his hands around his brother’s throat and proceeds to choke him. He growls and bares his teeth during the assault. This incident occurs again later that night. This time the youngest tells his brother, “It’s time to die.”

Washington and a Nurse witness Ammons Kid Three “glide backwards on the floor, wall and ceiling.” Both Washington and Nurse flee the room.

Washington advises her superiors that an evil influence could be affecting the family.

DCS takes custody of the Ammons children.

Father Mike Maginot
Father Mike Maginot

A Hospital Chaplain contacts Father Michael Maginot. Maginot interviews Latoya Ammons. During the interview, he observes a light flickering in the bathroom. The light stops flickering each time he approaches it. He also sees venetian blinds swinging as if caught in a breeze even though there is none and observes large, wet boot prints in the living room. He attributes his observations to a demonic presence. Maginot blesses the houses, but advises Ammons and Campbell to leave. They take his advice.

A few days later, law enforcement accompanies Ammons and Campbell back to the house for a DCS inspection. Police Captain Charles Austin is on the scene. Austin and other officers find the concrete floor around the basement door cracked. Their audio recorders signal low batteries even though fresh batteries are in place. What tape can be played back has a strange, “Hey” on it. Pictures snapped on a phone have cloudy images that, when enlarged, appear to resemble a face.

Regardless, psychologist remain unconvinced and the state retains custody of the Ammons Children.

Now these events go on and on… I’m not kidding. If we were writing this as a horror novel we’d be dangerously close to a boring series. It’s best to treat this part as the third act lull and move on.

DCS sets goals for the family, one of which is to refrain from all talk about being possessed. At the same time, Marginot petitions Bishop Dale Melczek for permission to conduct an exorcism. Melczek denies the request, but authorizes a “minor exorcism.”

Marginot conducts the two hour ritual on Ammons in front of DCS and law enforcement personnel. He then advises Ammons to identify the names of the demon tormentors by looking them up on the internet. Ammons finds that many high ranking demons as well as lieutenants and sergeants have been attacking her. Melczek approves the exorcism.

Marginot conducts a series of exorcism rituals and, ultimately, wins the battle against evil. DCS returns the children to the home. No demonic spirts or incident have occurred – yet.

This story has amazing potential.

The police captain and social worker could be worked into a secondary plot line as a blossoming relationship. The actual events need to be fleshed out and perhaps juggled a bit. Organically speaking we have a bit of drag in the second act. We also need to find a better way of identifying the demons rather than using the internet. No horror writers worth his own blood would take such an easy way out.

In any case, the only question that remains is which horror writer is going to pen the book that film companies will fight over?

Stay in the light, sweet readers. LL

Source for this article can be found here. The video clip contains footage of the people involved and is worth a watch.

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