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Tonight’s free Kindle horror is a creepy tale of delayed justice and the mysterious, sometimes vengeful, forces at play in the world around us. I bet you think about this stroy the next time you stumble across a boy spending a lazy day at his favorite fishing hole. If that kid asks you to join him – RUN.

The Turtle Boy

Kealan Patrick Burke

Free Kindle Horror
Free Kindle Horror

Timmy Quinn, blond haired and bronze skinned, is enjoying summer vacation with his best pal, Pete Marshall. Then the boys come face to face with the turtle boy and, just like that, worlds collide, lives are at stake and boyhood is over for the both of them. As they say, innocence is fleeting.

Kealan Patrick Burke has created an easy to like character in Timmy Quinn. He’s the kid that lives down the street, the one you worry about because you know he’s bold and adventurous enough to get himself into real trouble someday. This natural character-empathy drives a sense of foreboding and gloomy dread that make one heartsick when Timmy is plunged into his dark adventure.

Kealan Patrick Burke wastes no time in getting to the dead-heart of this tale. He drives readers into a horror story that moves faster than rapids. By the time you read, “…A ragged semicircle of the boy’s ankle was missing…” you’re on a downward facing rollercoaster and it’s too late to get off.

Burke’s strong voice creates a horrific landscape in otherwise pleasant Delaware, Ohio and the story unfolds in this same ominious landscape. In fact, Burke’s prose is so cunning you can almost feel the sun blistering your skin every time you think, “Timmy, get out of there.”

The Turtle Boy is a novella and the first installment of the Timmy Quinn series. Therefore one of the larger questions is left unanswered. This works because the story itself has a clear beginning and ending. I’m not going to summarize the story because, trust me, that could diminish a bit of the fun. I’ll assure you that the ending is worth biting your nails over and missing your bedtime. It’s even worth the nasty dream that might find you after turning your Kindle off for the night.

Symbolically, this is a coming of age story with father-son elements that hint at a long and dimly lit road ahead. I’m looking forward to the next Timmy Quinn book and hope you join me in reading them all. Learn more about Kealan Patrick Burke at his site and download this free horror story for your Kindle by clicking here.

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