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troubled_boy_phaseThe Short Version (written in third person)

Lake Lopez writes horror stories that explore the darkest corners of the paranormal and its influence upon human nature. His goal in life is to scare everyone on Earth at least one time.

The Long Version (written in first person)

I don’t want to bore you, so I won’t tell you about the small town I grew up in (it was evil) or the events that made me a writer (they were traumatic). In fact, I believe that a writer’s past matters only if it grants emotional resonance to the work. Whatever wisdom or truth a writer has gained should be an invisible force that keeps the pages turning. After all, books aren’t about words as much as they’re about emotions and giving people the ride of a lifetime.

Yet here we are at the About page where I must share something…

So I’ll tell you about the boy I used to be. I was a troubling little fellow, odd looking and quiet, my nose usually in a book and eyes red from reading by flashlight. At some point during the strangeness of this boyhood, I realized that writing fiction was one of the few things worth busting ass for. I’ve been doing it ever since.

I am particularly fond of stories that explore dark themes, whether via supernatural, paranormal or our own frail humanity. I believe that the best horror fiction takes us places that other genres wouldn’t dare. Sometimes, these stories take us somewhere that we never fully return from. This is the sinister magic that I strive to create. LL

One brief but important note about The Scary Story blog.

Writers are important. We provide a valuable service to our fellow humans. Together, we can change the world for the better. For that reason, I’m committed to supporting my fellow horror writers as much as possible. That means that I’m happy to help you promote your New Release, Countdown Deal, Free Book, Tour, Twitter Party or Giveaway via The Scary Story. Contact me for details. LL

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