I write stories of horror and I want to scare the hell out of you.

Lake LopezWhat’s to blame for this strange obsession? A character is the sum total of his or her past experiences and the same rule applies to a flesh and bone writer. So part of the answer can be found in boyhood. I grew up in the kind of slowly frightening little town that had two stores that sold cowboy boots and one high school. It was a memorable childhood and, within my work, you’ll learn a lot about it.

Right now my novel Thorns in Dark Places is exclusive to Amazon. You can get it here. TiDP was a featured book at FreeBooksy a while back and really helped with promotion. If you’re a fan of quality books, definitely check them out.

I'm a featured author at Freebooksy

When not working, I play a Stratocaster guitar and drive a slick car named TimeLord. I’m a student of greatness, mentor to some and friend to many. It’s a good life and I’m psyched you’re part of it. I have only one request: Don’t be an anonymous visitor. Leave a comment. I’ll respond.  All for now – scare you later.

“Life should be like a really good book, but the genre has to change once in a while.”

                                                                                    Lake Lopez