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Thorns_in_Dark_PlacesEvil attends the Bain Ridge School for Boys.

Luke Merrill is twelve years old when tragedy strikes and he’s sent to Bain Ridge, a crumbling boarding school surrounded by savage wilderness. The grief stricken boy soon finds himself in the middle of a tragic mystery and learns that something’s very wrong at this exclusive school. Then a frozen body is found and a hideous secret is exposed, but it’s not what anyone would expect – or believe.

The horrific monstrosity continues to kill and it’s on a mission of vengeance.

With everyone he loves in mortal danger, Luke races to defeat the evil and is pushed
toward an agonizing decision, an act he can’t go through with yet can’t possibly
refuse. Then another innocent life is taken and Luke has no choice but to risk
it all in a chilling confrontation that may send him to an early grave.  Get your copy here.

Vile Press presents Horrendous Tales (Vol I.)

horror story book horrendousIn this horror story anthology, Vile Press presents emerging horror writers at their twisted best.

The Hungry Trees by Lake Lopez

Arterial Red by Andrew Ramsey

Intruder by Kevin Cathy

Night Work by Harriet Darling

Tatanya by Mia Drosselmeyer

The Detour by Jesa David

Edited by Kevin Cathy

Additional Editing by Jennifer Popjoy & Slade Tobey Get Your Copy Here.


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